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Title TypeStart Date
Cycle Biyori
Manga 05-13-24
Kyokutou Necromance
Manga 04-22-24
I'm Taishi Aoba, a fifth-grader who's popular and good at everything. As a kind hero figure, I need a tragic heroine by my side. That tragic heroine's name is Ema Akatsuki. I thought everything more.
Manga 04-21-24
In the Deep
It’s been years since Haemin first began craving blood…and only his brother’s will do. Something uncontrollable has called out to Haemin since he was a young boy: an animalistic urge that won’t more.
Manhwa 04-19-24
Kimi no Risou no Maid ni Naru!
Manga 04-18-24
Yowamushi Rollo
Manga 04-17-24
Divine Delivery
Enter the world of Hajun Lee, just your average delivery guy trying to make ends meet. But when he's summoned to Olympus for a special delivery, his life takes an unexpected turn. Suddenly, he's the more.
Manhwa 04-16-24
Babucchau! Kishi Danchou Elf-san
One-shot 04-15-24
Kaitou Joker Encore
Familiar phantom thieves confront the crisis of humanity over hidden treasures!
Manga 04-15-24
Life Goes On
One-shot 04-15-24
Negai no Astro
As the battle to decide the next leader of the Yotsurugi gang that runs Asakusa is heating up, a meteorite strike suddenly awakens superpowers in the people of Japan. How will Hibaru Yotsurugi, the more.
Manga 04-15-24
Kekkon made Ato ○ cm.
One-shot 04-14-24
Oboro to Machi
From Miyagi to the bustling life of a Tokyo high school, Machi Nishina wanted anything but the ordinary. Her wish is granted in the most unexpected way when she encounters Oboro Kasumi, a classmate more.
Manga 04-13-24
Kirisaki Karin wa Korosasenai
Manga 04-12-24
Heart Hibikase-ron
Manga 04-12-24
Ai ga Nakereba Idol Dekinai
Manga 04-12-24
Tomie: Control
One-shot 04-12-24
Ki ni Kuwanai Onna no Hanashi.
One-shot 04-12-24
Havira Senki
Manga 04-11-24
Theseus no Fune no Honkai
One-shot 04-11-24
Mittsu no Negai
One-shot 04-10-24
Muhai no Futari
Manga 04-09-24
Danshi Koukousei, Otome Game no Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei suru.
The manga's story centers on a very ordinary high school boy who gets reincarnated as the villainess in an otome game. Now he has to avoid getting ruined while trying to get along well with the more.
Manga 04-09-24
Manga 04-09-24
Greed Punk
Manga 04-09-24
Sadao ga Iru Ie
One-shot 04-08-24
Manga 04-08-24
Stowing himself away on a slave ship, Julian sets sail for the great continent with a hundred slaves, all yearning for freedom, until...?! Embark on a groundbreaking journey through this more.
Manga 04-08-24
Anata wa Genius
On the Japanese island Magonia lives an artificially created chimera. This chimera was created by Dr. Nashiki. What conclusions did he draw at the end of his taboo research? (Source: Shueisha, more.
One-shot 04-07-24
Mukai no Gakkou de Death Game Yatteruppoi
A 110 call to the police that says, "It seems like the school across the street is playing a death game...?!" A school drama that approaches the outside world of the death game! (Source: Shueisha, more.
One-shot 04-06-24
Kasou no Boku to Kanojo-tachi
Shion, a high school student who enjoys dating multiple "girlfriends" in the virtual space "HOUSE," receives a bloody letter in the real world. (Source: Shueisha, translated)
One-shot 04-05-24
Akumade Amai Watashi no Kanojo
Manga 04-05-24
Risou no Musume
One-shot 04-05-24
Sono Uruwashiki Hito wa,
Manga 04-05-24
Watashi no Sensei wa Kao dake Kowai
Manga 04-05-24
Kouchou no Hanashi ga Nagai
One-shot 04-05-24
Inaho-kun wa Nise Kanojo no Hazu nanoni
Shintarou Mori, a high school freshman, is teased by those around him for wanting to spend his youth getting a girlfriend and having a sparkly high school experience. His classmate Inaho Sawatari is more.
Manga 04-04-24
Doku no Okurimono
Gift Hisono is a gifted painter cursed with financial woes. On the brink of finishing his latest work, his trusty palette knife suddenly snaps! In a desperate attempt to afford a replacement, he more.
Manga 04-04-24
Drama na Koi wa Kihon kara
Manga 04-04-24
Kabushikigaisha 5-nen 1-kumi
Manga 04-04-24
Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion: Dive the World
Manga 04-04-24
Mahoutsukai Babaan
One-shot 04-03-24
The Executioner
A hero should never kill anyone, not even the worst of villains. Gangyu could never understand why his team of heroes lived by those words, but he tried his best to do the same... until the villain more.
Manhwa 04-03-24
Otona no Susume
Manga 04-03-24
Kyoukashouri no Shoujo to Ossan
One-shot 04-03-24
Rock a Rock
Manga 04-03-24
Kishida Yota Man
One-shot 04-03-24
Sore wo Seishun to Yobunaraba
One-shot 04-02-24
Tonari no Home
One-shot 04-01-24
Manga 03-31-24