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Aug 14, 2023
Art 1/10 I mean it felt like a DMC classic video game animation the end was good animation for the AI mother but still not Good and I was gonna drop it.

Story 8/10 Genuinely this anime movie was Good I mean it had 5 villains and they had good plot they thought for there mother and died for her. Personally I find it unfair to rate something based off of animation so I gave it 8/10 because story was actually interesting.

Character Development 2/10 I mean it's a movie with bad animation let's be real they aren't gonna make me cry as much as they tried to give the viewer emotions it's just not there. They failed to give me emotions so that's why it's not a 9/10 it's 8/10!

If you ignore the bad animation it's actually I good 🎬 movie
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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