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May 2, 2024
Preliminary (55/? chp)
Okay, the TLDR is do not read this Manhwa if you value your time. It is quite literally, all over the place in terms of story and plot. I was recommended this after reading a different Manhwa called Omniscient Readers Viewpoint claiming that both stories took place in the same world. Clarification, 55 chapters in and they are NOT. That doesn’t ruin the score I just figured people should know. But let’s get into a breakdown to better clarify my thoughts. Spoilers ahead!

Story 1/10
You’re going to hear me say this a lot, but the premise of this whole manhwa starts out pretty interesting. The ...
May 2, 2024
Preliminary (87/? chp)
This does its job well

it's truly dark and unforgiving setting and cast the main character being torn for being a cold bloodied killer to living a normal life and the the pure evil bullies

I love having just pure evil villains they serve a premise when they are needed they show that their very existence is a blight to everyone and need to be eradicated

Many people dislike its very messed up themes I don't judge a series with them as a I said earlier it can work very well

Even if you think its very torture p0rn ish it does its job well the torture ...
May 2, 2024
Preliminary (34/? chp)
What I found most captivating about this manga is its deep character development. The protagonists aren’t just heroes; they are flawed individuals dealing with real-world issues. Their powers, instead of being glorified, often become burdens they must carry, adding layers of depth and relatability to their characters.

The art style complements the narrative beautifully, capturing both the dynamism of superhero action scenes and the subtleties of everyday interactions. The contrast between the protagonists' public personas and their private struggles is portrayed skillfully, creating a compelling dichotomy throughout the story.
Moreover, the manga's exploration of morality, ethics, and the consequences of power adds a thought-provoking layer to the ...
May 2, 2024
Preliminary (7/? chp)
“Chekov's gun - If your story includes an element there must be a reason for it.”
“Kept Man - A man who does not work but is given money and a home by somebody who he is in a sexual relationship with.”

Often novels introduce unnecessary elements or plot points that don't contribute anything to the main story and
simply end up bloating the overall plot narrative. HimeHimo does the opposite, everything is relevant to the plot,
every little thing that gets mentioned is relevant in some way later down the line.

HimeHimo is more mature than many other novels I've read, and certainly a lot more mature than ...
May 2, 2024
Preliminary (71/? chp)
It's so interesting to see how the story unfolds!

Ikumi and Chihaya's growth — by themselves and together — are admirable, really, they're so charming. Ikumi; who starts pretty clueless and feels so helpless, he slowly changes and gets each time even more certain and most likely to take the first step during a standstill. Chihaya; although his change is not as noticeable, one thing I really enjoyed about him was the way he grew once he actually took notice of his feelings for Ikumi— it was so sweet. In the beginning, although he really did went out of his way to protect Ikumi, his words ...
May 2, 2024
DISCLAIMER: Sangwoo is fictional & can't hurt you. If real, he'd be a sick motherf*cker everyone should stay away and report.
It's the good ol' Don't like, Don't read.
But one can't make a fool of themselves by saying this work is bad or not recommend it because it made them feel disgusted, creeped out, scared, gross, angry, etc. Because THAT'S THE INTENTION!! It did its job, it was supposed to be creepy and all of the above.

While "Killing Stalking" is not for the weak of heart due to its mature themes and graphic content, it offers a unique reading experience for those who appreciate psychological ...
May 2, 2024
A fun short series that doesn't have any reviews and have a mediocre rating for some reasons unknown, maybe people here expected something more serious about teenage problems solving, i don't know.
The series is centered at the mis-adventures of Nanami Aida and her two friends Tamayo and Miyako trough various little issues of teenage life and the way to survive them in the "safest" way thanks to the "prince" Kinshiro Kurimoto, charming boss of a mysterious Secret Society that want to help the girls in trouble...
The story isn't nothing too special, but It was presented and exploited in a funny, kinda original way.

The art is ...
May 2, 2024
Words can't even describe how I felt about this manga. I picked it up because of Fujimoto's other works and went in with low expectations for whatever reason; it could've been the low face value rating, the cover art, Chainsaw Man overshadowing it, etc. However, this manga killed me. There are times when it can get confusing and chaotic, but the ending stands out as the greatest wrap-up to a story I've ever seen. If you're willing to give the manga a chance, please do!

First and foremost, the story is unique. There are times when the plot seems so outlandish that you wonder if ...
May 2, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (38/47 chp)
The Manga is about in episodic form or to be precise, every chapter is about one story/One arc. That definitely didn't sit well with me but I enjoyed it. Most Chapters were often predictable and but the end of every chapter was same. It was either melancholy or satisfaction. The artstyle was okay, fitting for a vintage manga about 40 year old. Every character was okayish but neither stands out. All I can say it was pretty realistic manga and characters reacted realisticaly often rather than just blatantly cringe the viewers. I think people will really like this series, this is a series where end ...
May 2, 2024
Preliminary (10/? chp)
Reading the first 10 chapters of this manga was a poor experience and I'll try to explain down below why I don't recommend it.

This manga is supposed to be a romcom, but the problem is that it skips the whole building of the relationship between the two MCs, as it starts right off with the female MC who is totally in love with the male mc. While that kind of settings can work as it's the case in other mangas, here it's not the case since it's too exaggerated.

This manga falls into the self insert cliché, where the male MC is bland whereas ...
May 2, 2024
“From now on, until the end of your life your past is going to constantly take revenge on you.”

I’m going to preface this review with a warning: This manga has the most disturbing things that CAN does indeed happen, and more often then you think. Crimes like rape, bullying, sexual assault, and murder are all seen in this manga.

This manga is about a person named Yusuke, a high schooler who is sometimes called a devil, yet cannot remember due to amnesia. When confronted about his past by several old classmates, he finds out he was a heinous person in middle school. During their confrontations he ...
May 2, 2024
I intially read Lupin III Greatest Heist and after greatly enjoying that I thought I should go read the original manga. However there was a problem. A problem that still persist 1/3rd of the way in (I have now read the whole thing and it continues the whole way throughout.) I can't fucking tell what's going on. Ever. While the art is genuinely phenominal the pacing and clarity is absolutely abysmal. After reading most chapters if you put a gun to my head and said, "Explain what happened and how Lupin stole the thing." I would be dead ...
May 2, 2024
This is a spoiler free review

Houseki no Kuni is a riveting story from start to finish. What begins as a lighthearted journey following our main character Phosphophyllite as they try to find their place amongst their eclectic companions does not stay that way for long. Not everything is as simple as it seems and as Phosphophyllite investigates the true nature of their world they may be forced to come face to face with some ugly truths. As the story unfolds it explores the ideas of human nature and what it means to be truly all the while exploring how we are shaped by our bonds ...
May 1, 2024
This manga is a bit of a mess really. I love the beginging chapters and the last volume though. Between that is

mostly extremely boring. That last volume has one of the best fight scenes ever. After like the same fight every single

time being repetitive and extremely lame. Basically he beats everyone up no conflict or tension until the end(most of it

past the start is almost all fighting). the wrestling arc especially was THE worst thing ever most of the way through.

Main character is basically yandere light edition so thats fun and probably a sociopath. Ending was a bit wonky.

This is not ...
May 1, 2024
Preliminary (33/? chp)
This comic is an atrociously bad and frustrating story told competently. I highly recommend against reading it.

For context, I have not reader the other parts of "the breaker," and wasn't even aware their were other parts until after reading the 33 chapters I have.

It starts with a protagonist that rapidly gets relegated to a side character... except the characters that get all the focus become increasingly insufferable as they take up larger parts of the narrative. These characters make bad decisions, learn nothing, repeat them, appear to learn something, revert to having learned nothing, and make the same bad decisions again. Other characters do a ...
May 1, 2024
Preliminary (56/? chp)
Today I'm going to shit on this dumpster fire,

Spoiler Warning:

Well to start with, it's a story about a shy girl (i forgot the name cause that girl is annoying, now who even cares) who is afraid of normal men but gets groped by a crossdressing predator named Kirishima Ryou, but instead of resisting that monster, she cries and cries, and for the upcoming segments she lets her do all this stuff, while this brain rot girl is scared of normal guys but isn't bothered by a crossdresser cause they/them look so hot man, "i want to French kiss this fine woman", she is still ...
May 1, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This manga is really wholesome and I would definitely read it again. I found out about this manga through pinterest and started reading it. I finished it a couple months ago but I'm just now getting a chance to write a review about it!

Despite me liking this manga, I do think that the "forbidden love" trope could have been executed better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm an absolute sucker for romcom mangas with their own unique spin on ship dynamics/tropes but I do think that the student-teacher relationship could be a major turn off for majority of people reading it. Student-teacher relationships aren't ...
May 1, 2024
Preliminary (1090/? chp)
One Piece is my favourite manga of all time by far.
Why should you read such a long story that features a pirate with gum powers sailing the sea you ask?
Well, there are many more reasons than you may think to why you should.

The world of this manga is amazing. When people say One Piece worldbuilding is astonishing, they do not refer only to the places the protagonists see or the culture of the various islands, they also talk about the fact that every character is in some way related to others we've seen in the past, and they will be seen again in the future ...
May 1, 2024
Hear me out. When I first picked this manga up I looked at the cover page and I knew damn well that this was gonna be a banger and OOHHH BOOYYY WAS I RIGHT. The art style is mag-ni-fic and just lookin at it makes you want to keep readin. I really wished it had more characters to it though but none the less its still okay. If you enjoyed Mushoku Tensei then you gonna like this one too. The characters are alright same for the plot. Its an easy read thats very much ENJOYABLE. My only problem with it is the amount of chapters. ...
May 1, 2024
Preliminary (390/? chp)
Hear me out. This Manhwa isn't just about people riding bikes. Its got school drama, gang violence, suspense, mystery, romance, action, insane art styles, and this is literary comin from a manhwa about bikes. This manhwa's got it all and thats fax. The second you start readin this your gone. Puttin it down is straight up IMPOSSIBLE. The characters are a 11/10. Each one of either supportin or main ARE GREAT FLAWLESS I SAY... for the most part. The plot gets you so hooked that you actually START PONDERIN is this really a manhwa about sports so . Each character has their own unique ...
May 1, 2024
In short: If you haven't read danmei before, this isn't the best introduction to the genre (basically Chinese BL) because it plays off more as a parody of the "overpowered protagonist" genre that doesn't take itself seriously in the least so it doesn't have many character moments that are being treated seriously (granted when they are it's absolutely amazing). I'd only recommend it if you want to have a laugh or if you like the writer and/or have enjoyed some of her other works like "The Grandmaster of demonic cultivation" or "Heaven Official's Blessing" and are curious how the writer started her writing carreer, tho ...
Dice (Manga) (All reviews)
May 1, 2024
Honestly this is literary one of the BEST MANHWA I'VE READ so far. Its so good I had to re-read it again. From the plot, characters its stupid good. Its quite rare to find a manhwa with a storyline that actually hooks you within the first chapter of few. I feel as if Dice is a HIDDEN GEM and is very very under appreciated. I highly recommend you try it out its actually that good and when you start readin it you'll end up findin yourself 50 chapters in already. Some characters felt flawed because they didn't get enough screen time but that doesn't stop ...
May 1, 2024
How can I compliment this manga when it perfectly sums up the emotions of a single parent and what if your partner dies... Will remarry? If not why? It just must read for all.
Story- 9/10
Character development- 10/10
Ending- 10/10
The story was refreshed as it's not your usual themed anime in which mc leaves his hopeless lifestyle developed hope within as it is around that but conveyed by decent storytelling.
there will be a rumour about this manga as it has a very flashy or peculiar title but I can assure you there is nothing inappropriate there rather the story has heart-drenching content so if you are reading ...
May 1, 2024
Tokyo Ghoul is a Shonen-Seinen/Dark Shonen that everyone knows the premise of by now (similar to SAO), Ken Kaneki is a university student living in a world where a population of man-eating monsters called Ghouls exist hiding within human society only for him to be attacked by his date (who was a Ghoul) and made into a half-Ghoul through the life saving surgery to save his life. If you live within the anime/manga community, you know the story… but to know the full story, READ THE MANGA!!!

A Psycho-Analytical Poetically Introspective Tone combined with Impressive Thematic Storytelling and Brutally Beautiful Character Development. One of the best ...
May 1, 2024
Mixed Feelings
For a Short Manga it is good!
Mind the Review I'm writing this after 3/4 years of reading this!
The Female MC is like this Ninja Girl who was Trained from birth to fight shit but has Superhuman strength and stuff.
The Male MC is like this really Young (Middle School) House MD type Doctor.

There are a lot of women like our FMC and they just Duke it Out between each other whenever they come across. They have this Middle School for them where they teach them morals and stuff (idk im basically trying to recall from memory)

IMO, Good Read 7/10 do try it! Its like 21 chapters ...
Apr 30, 2024
Young girls being taken apart. That describes it well. It is a series consisting of two hentai (Volume 1 and 2) and two obscure/surreal manga with nudity (Volume 3 and 4).

Genre: necrophilia (volume 1 and 2), cannibalism (volume 4), guro, rape (volume 1 and 2), amputations, gangbang (volume 1 and 2), loli, ...

It has a nice art style (clean lines, attention to detail, ...) and the scenes are beautiful and diverse (forest / shrine (Volume 1), train (Volume 2), school (Volume 3) and home (Volume 4)). The content of the arts is logical, well thought out and erotically appealing.
I see the main problems in the ...
Apr 30, 2024
Preliminary (58/? chp)
!!! STRAP IN !!!
for a totally unique tower manhwa that has close to
NO fighting in it:

99% cute animals helping you farm
1% social-economic nonsense
100% a smooth read

cat videos don't hold a candle to the cute storm that is this manhwa's art,
and never before has farming felt this satisfying!
Apr 30, 2024
Preliminary (20/? chp)
It seems that this manhwa embodies the essence of a typical Korean-style isekai narrative, offering little in the way of originality or surprises. While some may find comfort in the familiar tropes of the genre, for others, the lack of innovation could lead to a sense of predictability that detracts from the overall enjoyment. The characters may come across as somewhat one-dimensional, lacking the depth and complexity that can make them truly compelling. The rating of 5/10, given with a touch of generosity, hints at a lukewarm reception from yours truly. Despite its shortcomings, there may still be an audience who appreciates this series for ...
Apr 30, 2024
I almost cried reading the last chapters, this one hits hard if you're struggling in life.

I loved the "Stop overthinking everything for once and get a feel for it. Cast aside your existential crisis" part. Maybe for some it will sound cheesy, cliché or whatever, but as someone that has gone though some real crazy stuff in life, I can assure you those words are like a wake up call, just what some of us need to hear but refuse to with all of ourselves.

Sometimes you just can't help but overthink everything, you were raised like that, life taught you some insane lessons, ...
Apr 30, 2024
Preliminary (16/? chp)
This is delicious slop. It's a very horny manga that isn't for everyone, whether its the explicit sex scenes, the character designs, or the constant degenerate behavior from the protagonist (and love interest tbh). Very much a manga meant to keep the reader waiting for some sort of conclusion. But, 16 chapters in, I appreciate how equal both the MC and love interest are, despite the nature of their connection. Tsuya Tsuya's character designs are an acquired taste, but they scratch that 2004 anime itch on my brain. Plus, the detailed backgrounds and the T&A make up for it. Not something that will appeal to ...
Apr 30, 2024
Preliminary (51/? chp)
I found the Manhwa by chance.

I didn't expect much and I was nevertheless positively surprised, it's not hard to get lost here.
It's about two characters and both are very well portrayed and the style is so beautiful.
I love the bottom so much the eyes have knocked me out every time.
This time the top is small and dominant, which I also like sometimes, although I personally do not like it.
The story is as I think it is also nicely told, although it is not over yet, the end of season 1 has knocked me over.
In general, the plot is really exciting and you never really know ...
Apr 30, 2024
My heart goes up with the Manhwa on but what can I say about it?
It's a really hearty story, the drawing is really beautifully designed and the story is totally cute.
It's about two people trapped in a zombie apocalypse and trying to help each other.
Both main characters have their own beautiful background story and you build up little by little more sympathy.
You really notice how both main characters come closer and trust each other more and more, I have cried so in some places, I have so loved it.
The end is really nicely made and it was so much fun to read it, I ...
Apr 30, 2024
Preliminary (30/? chp)
This is my first review ever.

What can I say about Manhwa?
I like the character style very much and the story is also pretty cute. Basically, the top is just mega hot.
The bottom is shy and sweet.

The story's nothing special,
the Bottom wants to save his father and then asks the top for help, they make a deal and so the story begins, the story is not over yet but it has ended quite exciting.
I like very much that the top is not even a red flag, but just want to protect the bottom.

The characters are also pretty well designed so it's not all ...
Apr 30, 2024
The 1st work by Ono-Sensei, but above all the 1st manga, other than Blue Exorcist (obviously), that I read. And I must admit to having been nicely charmed by these 6 short stories. But let's take things one at a time.

To begin with, I had the privilege of buying the magnificent French edition of this collection of stories a few days before its official release. In this format, we have the honor of seeing some color pages as well as a hardcover book, perfect for the genre, in my humble opinion.

As for the technical aspect, I'd like to thank Kato-Sensei and his eye for ...
Apr 30, 2024
Preliminary (1/218 chp)
If you've ever wanted to see kids getting bullied for Youtube clicks then this is your story. All the characters in this are absolute miserable scum. MC is a pathetic loser beyond anything you can imagine. MC cries walking down the street. MC cries buying new clothes. MC cries talking to girls. I've never seen anything like this before. At first I thought this was some kind of underdog story, but the MC is so cringe and unlikable you can't root for him. They took every bulling trope and every pathetic MC trope and just mashed them into one horrible mess of a comic. Even ...
Apr 30, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Do you usually feel empty after finishing a very good series or manga?
Do you you wish you'd feel something else?
Then read Oyasumi Punpun! Personally I never thought I'd miss feeling empty or sad after finishing a manga 'cause after finishing Inio Asano's traumatic little jumble of pictures and text the only thing I'm feeling is DESPAIR. Dear God make it stop!

Anyways here's the actual review.
Reading through this manga is a real rollercoaster of emotions, and don't be fooled by the cutesy cover, they're mostly just the distressing kind, though that doesn't mean it's constant doom and gloom, the pacing is brilliant ...
Apr 30, 2024
Preliminary (4/13 chp)
I hate to do it, but I will... This manga is just a giant no. A fat giant NO.

The Kurumi that we know and love does a 180, because that's what we're doing in the sequel to a manga. Kurumi has already been redeemed, and her fans love her for who she is. Why is she doing a 180? What is the reason? Why does she develop twice?

And Eiji is an unappealing MC. Who insults the looks of your supposed love interest? Kurumi is implied to like people like Kazehaya and Sawako, because they're determined and the ...
Apr 30, 2024
Definitely better than the anime! Sometimes, things take a while before they truly start to get their footing, as was the case with Kimi ni Todoke.

Kimi ni Todoke is a standard slice of life high school romcom. You got an unpopular girl that gets with the most popular guy in school. It's a cliche story. Though the strength of Kimi ni Todoke is how it tells the story, and the characters in the story. The story actually has characters that go through realistic developments and overcome realistic struggles. You have the person who's insecure, you have the ...
Apr 29, 2024
Preliminary (34/? chp)
Unique romcom story I have read so far when it comes to universe. Believe me, I love how the author playing around with the plot and storyline.

The characters are not you can expect perfect but they are adorable cute. Moreover, these cuteness characters also hilarious funny. I have laughed a lot while reading the manga. Every chapters have its own comedies if you are into the romcom and humor-type of person.

The story is a bit slow, but after 20+ chapters, it begun the real actions. After 30+, there you go, the love-confusions things happen, and still funnier.

Overall, I recommend you read this manga, don't expect ...
Apr 29, 2024
Preliminary (3/? chp)
Suprize, surprize here we go again, it had high potential for a unique story but god was it ruined with the execuation and the fast pace.

The plot is shallow and full of holes, things happens because they just need to happen, randomness is the key of this story, they dont have to make sense and they dont need to, they just have to look cool, so many unjustified actions and so many random events.

The author really said lets just put every edgy thing together and make a story about it, surely that would make it cool right ?

Like for example you are a teacher and ...
Apr 29, 2024
Preliminary (82/330 chp)
First off, while the first volume is a 100% redemption arc, the series overall is not centered around redemption. People often say that the series is too focused on ecchi elements, but the genre itself is ecchi. However, many who make this claim have likely watched series like High School DxD or other ecchi shows, and I don't think the content is excessive for a 34-year-old shut-in. It's quite normal in this fantasy world.

Moving on to the plot, I won't go into a full synopsis of the series, but I want to share my opinion. All of the arcs so far have been amazing, with ...
Vampeerz (Manga) (All reviews)
Apr 29, 2024
Preliminary (27/46 chp)
I started reading this by recomendation of some random person on the internet and this may be the last time I do that.

The story itself wasn't terrible, if thats all it was then I likely would've finished it but i couldn't handle the constant sexualization, I can only put up with so much "fanservice". As others have said, the constant sexualization - and sometimes nudity - of the underage characters made me very uncomfortable. The characters themselves were mostly fine, I liked Aria and Khara, but the way they acted sometimes was too much. It's even called out sometimes by other characters that it's ...
Apr 29, 2024
Your first image of Shotaro Ishinomori, author of Cyborg 009, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider, probably isn't that of an experimental writer. However, this was the time of Gekiga, and Ishinomori proved he could match in experimentalness any of the up-and-coming underground artists. This is the story of Jun, a boy who wants to be manga writer. It is a story of being a manga writer, and of the wonder of imagination. It is also a love story, with a girl who takes many forms. Beyond that, it is impossible to explain the plot. The chapters are esoteric visions that have symbolic, rather literal, significance. ...
Apr 29, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (44/? chp)
Very based story, it's a nice shoujo I guess. The plot generally started nice, but towards the end it kept declining. I'm staying for the drama though.
All in all the main character is a bit off, the rest are also whatever. I love Juri.
The story is your typical vampire x human plot, so no surprises there. I read the manga after watching the first 4 episodes of the series. I'd put it a bit under reverse harem gender, as that's what I thought it was at first. It's way average, going to below average. They need to fix up the following chapters, they're at an ...
Given (Manga) (All reviews)
Apr 29, 2024
Preliminary (14/58 chp)
Before that, I watched anime and had long planned to start reading manga. And I didn’t regret it one bit.
This story combines several themes: music, love and the concept of self. Some will say that there are a lot of predictable moments in this manga, but predictability is not always synonymous with the word bad. Especially if it is written correctly.
I like how different characters are shown here and they are all different from each other, from design to story. I also want to note how the main couple (Mafuyu/Uenoyama), spending time together, understand themselves more and more. It touches me how the quiet Mafuyu, ...
Apr 29, 2024
A silent voice is an incredible manga that is not complicated to understand even with some "hidden" messages that might pass by unnoticed. Said that, not every media needs a complex meaning to it, especially because this series is meant to show people that are easily able to exit, even with many moments that might get weird or unrealistic.

The first chapters depict the school scenario in a really realistic way, since most of the actions (or the lack of them) can be seen with kids and adults still to this age. As someone that regrets some stuff from the past (not as bad ...
Apr 29, 2024
This should not have a Yaoi tag! It shouldn't even have Boys love since they didn't even get together or even have feelings for each other until the last chapter which by the way this was more of a slice of life or a friendship drama story. Literally the whole manga is about the MC dealing with the injury the ML caused by accident. I shouldn't even say ML more like his best friend caused, the guilt he felt after thinking what he would think, the pain they both felt from the accident, them growing apart from each other to finally talking things out a ...
Apr 29, 2024
The art is hmm, the uke is drawn nice but the seme isn't...
So best friends end up not being best friends anymore, and then eventually boyfriends.
However this felt forced and bad as well as a bit boring, more like the seme was boring. Emotionless but not in the cute way and then when he smiled he looked a bit creepy. That aside he confesses to the uke and the uke is heartbroken because he genuinely thought they were friends but turns out the seme never saw him that way. Some times goes by and uke realizes the seme isn't going to apologize for the ...
Apr 29, 2024
Mixed Feelings
TW - Dub Con - He starts feeling up on his D and butt hole when the MC is sleeping but then the MC wakes up and consents to sex. Later on the MC thinks it was still rape but then realizes he taught him everything he knows so I he doesn't see it as rape again, not sure but putting this here incase you need the TW!

The art is good and okay in other scenes.
This story had a lot of potential for a really good plot had it been longer.
The MC/uke plays videos games for fun & to destress, and when ...
Apr 29, 2024
All style, no substance - art is phenomenal, but the story is practically non-existent.

It's not much of an adventure, just a guy running around while something (which isn't explained) tries to kill him as he meets a couple of people. It doesn't work well as a survival series either. I have no idea what the manga is trying to convey. Characters don't have much substance to them either.

Art is great though, there are some pretty good spreads. If you just want to see some cool art then you'll probably enjoy it. If you're expecting a story then you probably won't enjoy it.