Anime Letter Z

Title TypeEps.Score
The signing of a peace treaty has secured a tenuous ceasefire between mankind and the Zex, beings who emerged from space/time rifts connected to mysterious, distant worlds. Partnered with a Zex more.
TV 12 5.80
The story is set in the not-so-distant future. Five "Black Points" suddenly appeared around the world as portals to parallel worlds. Immediately after, strange creatures began their invasion from more.
TV 12 6.48
Special 3 N/A
Music video for the song Zaijian Romanesque by VALIS.
Music 1 N/A
Pilot version of the upcoming Zaiyuki series released on Twitter.
The Japanese painter FUKAZAWA Takeshi expresses in pictures the novel written by Honoré de BALZAC “La grenadière”. Over 70 tempera paintings are beautifully brought to life and put together by more.
OVA 1 5.83
Nozomu Itoshiki is still the bizarre teacher of the even stranger Class 2-F. He attempts to teach his students the negative aspects of the world and society, only to have each circumstance thrown at more.
TV 13 7.87
A new Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OVA.
OVA 2 7.76
Movie 1 N/A
Music video for the song Zanki by ZUTOMAYO.
Music 1 6.62
Painted in red, the word "VON" is all that is left behind after a terrorist attack on a nuclear facility in Japan. The government is shattered by their inability to act, and the police are left more.
TV 11 8.09
Music video for the song Zanmai by Libro.
Music 1 N/A
The book series offers humourous introductions to surprising aspects of living creatures, such as "raccoons don't really wash their food," and "dolphins would drown if they fall completely asleep." ( more.
TV 10 5.91
TV 8 N/A
TV 5 N/A
TV 5 N/A
Two additional Zannen na Ikimono Jiten episodes that will be televised 7 months after the original TV series. They will focus on manatees and chipmunks.
Special 2 N/A
Based on a series of illustrated children's books. (Source: AniDB)
Movie 1 N/A
Miss Black General is the villainous leader of RX, a secret organization bent on world-domination. Unfortunately, Miss Black General also has a huge crush on Brave Man, a costumed superhero more.
ONA 10 5.77
Because of a mistake in the summoning process, 30-year-old social animal Liu Yinuo was accidentally summoned into the game world. In order to return to reality as soon as possible, Liu Yinuo began more.
ONA 12 6.41
Completed psychedelic anime. As a personal work, it will be the last film work.
Movie 1 5.05
The "pleasant horror gag comedy" centers around the life of Tatami-chan, a sardonic ghost from Iwate Prefecture who is now living in Tokyo among other spirits, supernatural entities, and humans. In more.
ONA 12 5.22
Music video for the song Zassou-kun by B-DASH.
Music 1 N/A
Unknown - N/A
Short animation by Komazaki Tomomi.
Movie 1 4.38
On a summer day, a strange man who teaches Russian at the beach took me to the town. The familiar town looked totally fresh from a different point of view. The man should be there at the beach more.
Movie 1 5.70
At the beginning of time, a mystical meteor came crashing down from outer space and scattered all over the world. A piece of it landed in the Eastern Continent. There were mysterious totems carved more.
ONA 13 6.78
The second season of Ze Tian Ji.
ONA 12 6.92
The third season of Ze Tian Ji.
ONA 12 6.87
The fourth season of Ze Tian Ji.
ONA 12 7.03
The fifth season of Ze Tian Ji.
ONA 12 6.94
Based on an adult manga by Taropun.
OVA 2 6.14
Music video for the song Zecchou Sanka by Wanuka.
Music 1 N/A
Average high school student Kyou Sogoru is an avid swimmer living in beautiful Maihama City. He spends his days hanging out with friends, swimming, and playing video games. However, his normal life more.
TV 26 7.30
Animation studio Sunrise has announced at AnimeJapan 2016 that its 2006 mecha anime series Zegapain will be re-edited into a movie titled Zegapain ADP. The movie will also include new scenes not more.
Movie 1 5.78
Sequel to Zegapain
Movie - N/A
Three episodes aired on TV as part of the Ribon x Oha Suta specials.
Special 3 5.28
A girl's classmate disappears during a game of hide-and-seek. When she goes out to look for him, she hides when she hears someone pursuing her. After a while, she peeks out to see if her pursuer has more.
Special 2 5.39
A daily educational TV anime broadcasted on NTV focusing on teaching children traffic safety. It was rebroadcasted on other networks till 1978. The anime ran in a 5-minute time slot but shared some more.
TV 78 N/A
At some point during or after 41 BBY, the Force-sensitive youngling Grogu is meditating over a puddle of water with the Force, while multiple leaves float by in the wind. As the youngling meditates, more.
ONA 1 6.13
A man returns to his apartment at the end of the day completely disheartened. As he goes to light a cigarette, the flame takes on a life of its own.
Movie 1 5.79
Based on a poem by Kenji Miyazawa. A worm in this river looks shiny to me. 8 γ e 6 α (Source: Official website)
Movie 1 4.60
200 years ago, Zenmai Zamurai was a thief by profession. While stealing from a house one night, he fell down a well and died. He was then resurrected by Daifukunokami and a wind-up key was placed on more.
TV 215 5.74
Truffe is a clockwork spring bear who wishes that one day he may move himself.
ONA 2 5.58
Zeno: Kagirinaki Ai ni is a movie about life and work of Brother Zenon Zebrowski, a Polish missionary in Japan. Brother Zenon was renown for his charitable work among victims of war and the poor in more.
Movie 1 6.35
Hinaria is unemployed, gaming every day. One day she decides to hack the servers belonging to the Beholder Group for some money, and she stumbles across a carefully secured record of two witches, more.
ONA 9 5.91
The year 20XX. Humans called "Concodes" and ultra-high-performance AI called "Codeman" team up as buddies to compete in the card battle game ZENOZARD. People are going wild with excitement at the more.
ONA 1 6.55
Zenryoku Usagi are hardworking construction builders — who happen to be rabbits — with a simple motto: "Zenryoku+Dai-ichi" ("Give everything you've got and be #1.") The animated shorts were aired in more.
TV 52 6.03
New anime project for Zenryoku Usagi.
TV 12 N/A
A CalorieMate x FROGMAN collaboration in a school setting.
ONA 9 5.62