Manga Letter Q

Title TypeVol.Score
Monsters and a post apocalyptic setting, a motorcycle riding MC and a weird young girl who likes donuts.
Manga 4 7.00
Q and A
The Andou family has just moved back into town after a six year absence. Atsushi finds he is now dealing of living in the specter of his big brother, being known in town as Big Brother's Little more.
Manga 6 6.93
Q no Keifu
Manga 2 -
Q, Koi tte nan desu ka?
One day, Aoi, a salaryman who's not too good with people, met a mysterious stranger named Q who was chasing a butterfly in a park at night. It turns out Q was an alien who has come to Earth to more.
Manga 3 -
Light Novel 3 -
Q-Robo Transformer
A 4-koma gag manga based on Transformers.
Manga 1 -
Q. Moshikashite, Isekai wo Sukutta Eiyuu-san desu ka?
Light Novel - -
Q.E.D. iff: Shoumei Shuuryou
Manga - 7.63
Q.E.D.: Shoumei Shuuryou
Touma Sou is an MIT-graduated-student who comes back to Japan because he wants to know how it feels to be a high school student. Mizuhara Kana is a strong girl who loves sports. Together, they are more.
Manga 50 7.82
q.Tenjou no Ongaku
Manga 2 -
Manga 1 -
QG: Q-to Girls
1. Suki to Ienai…. Suki to Iwanai!! 2. Suki to Iwasetai!!? 3. Shitagi Sukeru Natsufuku (Transparent Underwear Under the Summer Clothes) 4. Suki Kirai Natsu Owari (Love, Hate, Summer, The End) 5. more.
Manga 1 -
Manga 1 -
Qi Dan Qu
Men Ji Yu of the Tian Tai Tribe has been invited by Ba Cha Ke Han to live with the tribe of Qi Dan. But because he can't understand the language of Qi Dan, the people of Qi Dan can't get along with more.
Manhua 1 6.69
Qi Shi Gong Zhu
Yashi has wandered with her father for fourteen years, and only now has she discovered that her own mother is actually Bocinia’s current queen. To see her mother, from whom she was separated when more.
Manhua 4 7.44
Qian Qiu
Yan Wushi, leader of the demonic Huanyue sect, is a master cultivator, a brilliant strategist, and an incurable cynic. In his philosophy, every human heart is ruled by cruelty and selfishness. more.
Novel 4 -
Qing Se Guo Shi
Sentimental Fruits is a collection of a few outstanding short stories in which pictures are used in place of dialogue. That’s right, these stories don’t have dialogue. The masterful You Gui Xiu’s more.
Manhua 1 -
Qing You Du Zhong
[from Sherbet Lemon] The story begins with a rich young lady named Mo Kai who is over the age of marrying but with with no proposed marriage. One day, she met a gentle scholar named Yi Nuo-Sheng and more.
Manhua - -
Qishi Huanxiang Ye
Lin is just an ordinary high school student. But on the day she transfers to a new school, she gets a video game, which sends her to the world of King Arthur. There, she meets a mysterious wizard, more.
Manhua 24 7.29
In the near-future on planet Earth, a world gone mad where never-ending war is a fact of life, Kirio is the coolest kid at school. Up in the sky, a giant robot is fighting a fleet of gunships, but more.
Manga 2 6.39
Anthology of one-shots by various mangaka.
Manga - -
After a four-year absence, Ishida Kotori (QP) returns to the city where even his face instills fear amongst the locals. Trying desperately to move away from his once violent past and live an honest more.
Manga 8 7.53
At the infamous QP club, the club for Quality People, it is always surrounded by high school girls who wants to join the place in order to get close to the 2 hot club members. Sadly, because of the more.
Manga 2 -
QP Gaiden
Manga 1 7.01
QP Gaiden: Azuma Ryou
Manga 4 -
QP: Azuma Ryou - Desperado
Manga - -
QQ Sweeper
In human hearts, negative energy sometimes finds a place to dwell. This negativity can begin to take shape into monstrous creatures, which can only be dealt with by "Sweepers," special people with more.
Manga 3 7.65
Hana was enjoying her peaceful days at school until she received a mysterious letter which said: "Do not say a word."... She doesn't know what to do, thus she begs for help of her friends to find more.
Manga - 5.99
Quadruple Courtship
Manhwa 2 -
Qualia: Envy
An anthology of girls love short stories by various mangaka.
Manga 1 -
Qualia: Jealousy
An anthology of girls love short stories by various mangaka.
Manga 1 -
Qualidea Code
The story takes place in a world where people continue their war against the "unknown"—the enemy of humanity. Children who have been evacuated to a cold sleep facility during the invasion by the " more.
Light Novel 3 -
Qualidea Code
The story takes place in a world where people continue their war against the "unknown"—the enemy of humanity. Children who have been evacuated to a cold sleep facility during the invasion by the " more.
Manga 2 -
Qualidea Code: Doudemo Ii Sekai nante
Light Novel - -
Qualidea Code: Itsuka Sekai wo Sukuu Tame ni
Light Novel 2 -
Qualidea Code: Sonna Sekai wa Kowashiteshimae
Light Novel - -
Quanqiu Gaokao
This is an examination that puts your life at stake. Answer a plethora of questions, pass the exam, and you may live. Two-faced examiner, Qin Jiu, meets the cold examinee, You Huo. In this inhumane more.
Manhua - 7.44
Quanzhi Fashi
Our hero, Mo Fan, inherits a magical necklace—the next day, he wakes up to find that the world has changed. His high school now teaches magic, and students are encouraged to try and become more.
Manhua - 7.01
Quanzhi Gaoshou
Widely regarded as a trailblazer and top-tier professional player in the online multiplayer game Glory, Ye Xiu is dubbed the "Battle God" for his skills and contributions to the game over the years. more.
Manhua - 7.68
Quanzhi Gaoshou
The online game Glory has gained such popularity in China that the best players in the Glory Professional Alliance are known as gods by the fans. But among the gods, one stands out in particular. more.
Novel 24 7.54
Quartet Buyobuyo
Light Novel 1 -
Quartet Game
Between the short stories (included in the compilation), Quartet Game is the longest and, probably, the most enjoyable. A quartet in a music school will discover by pure chance a hidden partiture, more.
Manga 1 -
Quartet Lovers: Otome wa Yon Ouji no Mitsuai ni Oboreru
Light Novel 1 -
Quartz no Oukoku
An orphaned girl named Blue has always dreamed of joining the ranks of the noble Angels, servants of the floating palace who protect the Quartz Kingdom against demons. Yet, Blue is not like the more.
Manga - -
Quattro Battery
Manga - -
Que Sera, Sera!
A typical day for Mo Hani is quite mundane; after finishing her nine-to-five job, she shops and then relaxes with some comfort food. Sure, she doesn't have a ton of money, but that is not what more.
Manhwa - 7.21
Que Será Será
Sakamoto Riku lives more or less a secluded life working as an ero manga artist, until one day, his younger sister Sora arrives at his home, telling him that their father has disappeared somewhere more.
Manga 4 -
Queen Bonjourno! Joou wa Seifuku wo Nuida
This is "The Story of Queens and School Girls for One Thousand Years".... Juliet, a princess, was in love with the main character. But she took over the throne, and needed to work for the people, more.
Light Novel 1 -
Queen Emeraldas
Emeraldas navigates the sea of stars—and swears to do so until the flame of her life is extinguished. Aboard her ship, the Queen Emeraldas, she sails in search of a certain object, and along the way more.
Manga 4 7.22
Queen in the Shadows
"Could you become my daughter?" Thanks to the Grand Duke Friedrich's proposition, Elena became his fake daughter. Yet after marrying the Crown Prince, having his child, and acquiring land to oversee more.
Novel 4 -