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Apr 16, 2024
Well I just want to say that why haven't anyone been talking about this ?
To be honest it really is an exceptional Manhwa that I randomly stumbled upon. Considering the character writing of manhwa characters I gotta say this really has some relatable characters, nothing is overly dramatic for the sake of being dramatic like other manhwas which is a huge thing. But there were plot points which could've expanded further upon and the characters sometimes felt a bit wack. Though it did deliver the story's message perfectly when it needed to it would've been a lot better if the character's ambitions and ideology were ...
Apr 16, 2024
Preliminary (165/? chp)
Starts off with promise, but quickly falls into the trappings of typical power fantasy manhwa. The main character's unusual setting and cliche behavior make for a predictable storyline, and the VRMMO game backdrop feels overused. While the characters are decently developed, they lack depth and fail to keep the reader engaged.

The art is average, with occasional lapses in quality, and the plot becomes repetitive and boring as it progresses. There is little character development, and the world-building is poorly executed. The comedic elements, while amusing at first, lose their charm over time due to repetition.

Overall, "The Strongest Florist" may only appeal to fans of cliched ...
Apr 16, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (53/? chp)
Manhwa that starts off with a promising premise, drawing readers in with its exciting concept. However, as the story progresses, it begins to fall into the trap of clichés and tropes commonly found in the power fantasy genre. While the initial excitement may hook readers, it eventually becomes apparent that the plot lacks depth and originality.

The characters in the manhwa are decently developed, but they often feel like archetypes rather than fully fleshed-out individuals. There is no character development. Supporting cast tends to blend together and lack distinct personalities.

One aspect of the manhwa that stands out is the artwork, which is decent and serves its ...
Apr 16, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (68/? chp)
Starts off with a promising premise, drawing readers in with its exciting setup and intriguing world-building. The concept of reincarnation and the prospect of exploring a fantasy world were appealing at past, but now has became too common. It has begun to lose its charm.

While the characters are initially engaging, they lack depth and development as the series goes on. The protagonist's journey feels repetitive, and the supporting cast often falls into predictable tropes. Additionally, the artwork, which starts off decently, deteriorates noticeably as the manhwa progresses, detracting from the overall reading experience.

One of the major drawbacks of the series is its inconsistent pacing and ...
Apr 16, 2024
Preliminary (78/? chp)
These kinds of "reincarnating/transmigrating into a novel/game as a child character and I'm doomed if I don't change the original plot" stories usually have a critical flaw, and that is whenever the "original story" has changed for whatever reason the main character would still be in denial that the story has changed enough despite OBVIOUS signs that whatever it is they're worried about will not happen. The story changing is not the issue, the issue is either the main character is worried for nothing OR it is made too obvious to the readers that their worries are unwarranted.
Now why did I opened my review with ...
Apr 16, 2024
Preliminary (250/? chp)
I have no words for drawings. But the course of the fiction has become so terrible that there is no way it can recover from here. Always kill someone, create a new character, add new power, revive them when you get into trouble... This is not how it works. Fantasy fiction also has its own logic. The author should have followed Yu Yu Hakushou and Naruto more carefully. Because he got most things from those, but it didn't work. It isn't. It will probably end up disgusting. A total disaster and disappointment...

I really missing first chapters. I know the story was not original, I know ...
Apr 16, 2024
This manga covers the story of a shy and gauche teenager and the people around her as she tries her absolute best to make friends. Not unseen of a premise but a premise which is usually done decently well, and this too, becomes an example of that notion.

A tale which felt satisfactorily calm and replenishing. It was able to maintain its uplifting mood well enough throughout. It adopts a decent stance towards the socially awkward aspect used, with the relationship between various characters having a tinge of realism in it. It had its instances of relatable moments, with any event happening toned down to touch ...
Apr 15, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Honestly? It's not bad, but I expected way more.

I bought this manga because the synopsis was amazingly interesting, and the art style was beautiful. In the end, the art style is amazing and, in fact, really beautiful, but the story is weak.

Everything gets too confusing, and the explanations are not great; they just give you this "oh, ok" feeling, where only one revelation was actually great. I believe that it was somehow hushed for a one-shot, giving too much information for not enough pages when the story could be more simple. Some dialogs and monologs feel out of place (maybe the translation wasn't too ...
Apr 15, 2024
Mixed Feelings
tl;dr: An ecchi rom-com with a really solid final stretch but absurdly repetitive and slow moving before that.

This manga is about a guy named Manabu that is working hard towards his goal of being accepted into Tokyo University. However, his childhood friend, Megumi, is constantly distracting him. Mainly due to how she is constantly inadvertently showing more skin than she should. The problem with this premise, is that it starts out with both of them in their first year of high school. College entrance exams aren’t until third year, however Manabu is solely focused on passing the Tokyo University entrance exam from the beginning of ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (148/? chp)
Don't toy with me miss Nagatoro starts off somewhat generic and displays certain topics, such as teasing/bullying, in a way that readers might consider 'in poor taste'. After this initial period the series quickly evolves, gaining several layers of depth and sustenance, blooming into an amazing manga.

Plot (9/10)
The story revolves around the two main characters, Nagatoro and Senpai/Nao. It has a natural flow and doesn't feel forced with the story progressing at a realistic pace which nourishes the reader's understanding of the characters. The plot is well maintained and isn't stretched thin, it grabs hold of your attention and doesn't let go.

Art (8/10)
The art ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (6/? chp)
Hey, huge Angel Beats! fan here, even if the anime was the only content that I consumed. Dunno what to think about this one as someone who only watched the anime, tbh. It is cool that new stuff is being put out in 2023, all these years later. I just do not fully understand where this is supposed to be headed and question some of the character choices.
It feels endearing and wholesome but at the same time there is this weird tone being set early on that is, to me who is anime only, weird and slightly uncomfortable.. is what I'd describe it as.

6 chapters ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (38/? chp)
I'm writing this review because I feel the other reviews are doing this manga a disservice. Yes it is an isekai manga and yes it is a baseball manga but I believe it's the best blend of the two possible.
Imagine a fantasy world where every game of baseball is a life and death struggle with everything on the line, where different races make use of their natural abilities to take everything from their enemies on the field: beastmen with overwhelming speed, demons with monstrous physical prowess and dragonkin with impossible visual acuity. If you were to summon a hero to this world you'd need ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (8/? chp)
I stopped at chapter 8 but i can say ive seen enough. Bro what did i just read? a highschool girl pegging a dude but WITHOUT the god. Cmon bro this was sooo weird, it must be for people with a very specific fetish bc this shit had zero plot. They had no chemistry. The boy was getting assaulted most of the time. Really looks like it was written by a 45yo mazochist weirdo virgin dude.
I gave a 2 star bc the art style was cool tho.

Well the site is not allowing me to publish without more word so:

Is the story unique? If it was ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (50/? chp)
As a whole, this series is genuinely horrible.

If you turn your brain off you can maybe get through the first few dozen chapters with some mild enjoyment. It's a revenge fantasy with a semi-interesting opening, and one that doesn't pull back from the violence or killing. It does have some questionable theming in the way that it unironically advocates for what is essentially a school shooter's fantasy and twists the world to make the MC seem justified while committing horrific acts of violence that result in millions of dollars of property damage and the deaths of several innocents, but if you turn your brain-off ...
Usogui (Manga) (All reviews)
Apr 15, 2024
The narrative of Usogui adopts a realistic perspective on illicit gambling, emphasizing the necessity of violence for gamblers to safeguard their winnings. The plot is intricate and distinctive, but as a result, it took some time for the plot to become clear.
The author excels at creating intricate and engaging psychological battles, albeit some readers may find them overly complicated. In conclusion, I believe the story is exceptional.

The artwork is of exceptional quality, especially during the combat scenes. The panels are meticulously detailed, and the action sequences are skillfully choreographed. The visual presentation effectively captures the intensity and exhilaration of each battle, resulting in a ...
Apr 15, 2024
Very good read, often gets you all the way.

Art 10/10 best art ever seen in a ”pornhwa”, tho generic, the design on the characters are very good and milky

Story nobody cares about story/10, if you came to read this your not reading for the story. There are frequent sex science often 2 per chapter so story very generic with multible daughter and mother tension. Mc can be chad in certain situations but is mostly a mid character (not total loser like many other harems)

Character 9/10 once again I’m not going to talk about the depth or emotions of the characters but rather their designs. The ...
Apr 15, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (150/? chp)
Wasted potential :( The first 12 volumes are fantastic. Tomoko is such a popular character because she's relatable, duh. But on top of that, to see such an unabashedly disgusting loser painted so earnestly was really refreshing. Much of the comedy came from the misunderstandings and awkward situations she would find herself in, giving the manga endless fuel to create comedic situations. You felt for her as she navigated through this world while clearly suffering from mental illness. It had a simultaneously tragic and comedic tone while never compromising one over the other.

Sadly, the manga loses serious steam around 12 volumes in. The story ...
Apr 15, 2024
This manga is not completely dogpoop, but it feels extremely pretentious and tries to show how life can be depressing and it's all pessimistic, but instead the stories only cause you to raise an eyebrow and be like "oh I guess that happens, whatever".

Ch.1 talks about cheating and how marriage life is not always happy, it feels very eh and it even feels like it endorses cheating in a way (the girl always lacked love and found herself love upon being rejected by a guy during a cheating moment or whatever). It's very boring and unless you like cheating, it'll probably be just a miss ...
Apr 15, 2024
Before writing a review about this opera it is absolutely necessary to make extremely clear that Darling in the FranXX is an ORIGINAL ANIME SERIE.

This means that the anime came first, and I strongly advise to watch that first and then, if you really must, read the manga.

The anime did have a rushed and somewhat confusing and arguably meh ending. Which is why the manga came out and many people end up reading it after the disappointment of the anime, but the truth is that not only the manga is worse in every aspect (starting with the excess of really not needed fanservice).

The biggest problem ...
Apr 15, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This is one of the most disappointing manga I've ever read.

Because it has so much potential! It starts very strong. Great characters, interesting and intriguing world you get suddenly thrown in and there is just much going on. The story starts to unfold and then...

Everything goes down the drain. EVERYTHING.

The plot points that were interesting get completely abandoned. Every questions you started to build up stays unanswered. Evil guys come and go out of nowhere for no reason. The most interesting character that literally gives the name to the serie (Akame) gets benched and only comes up when she's needed to bring out some new ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (75/? chp)
I really like Kindergarten Wars. It's an unapologetically silly comedy that consistently manages to be fun and make me laugh. A lot of the running gags, although extremely similar in setup and execution, are played JUST differently enough each time that it never feels stale. I'm

The characters are all fun and likable and have sympathetic backstories that do a good job at making you root for them. The story, in all honesty, is pretty basic but a series like this doesn't really need some super complex plot or anything. That being said, there have definitely been some lorebait hints of something deeper going on ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (77/? chp)
This for me is one of the best sports manga/manhwa that I have read, though it is true that I haven't read much. I thoroughly enjoyed it throughout its run and I was honestly quite devastated that it got axed, though I guess I appreciate that they didn't continue it with a downgrade in art style or any decrease in quality which is happening to quite a bit of manhwa as of recent.

The story starts off for me quite slow as I am more used to action packed shit. Though the momentum quickly picks up as the mc's motivation and drive continues to develop ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (15/? chp)
I started this manga thinking it would be a very generic slop, but I've found taking chances on Mangas can actually lead to finding a new favourite. And honestly that's exactly what happened here.

I initally read it becasue the premise made me curious what the hell it'd be about and it is exactly what it says, and somehow it's really good.

The writing is really good (mostly, I'll get to that) and dialgoue flows naturally in 99% of scenes, which makes seeing the relationship between Prez and Sora grow really fun to read because they're both likeable believable characters. However, the reason I say ...
Apr 15, 2024
This is an amazing manga that I will recommend first. You can feels tense and funny at the same times. It's not only about their romance story, but also showing us how people want to get peace. This manga tells us how nice it would be if racism and hostility between races did not exist in this world. and of course, a romantic story of two people whose countries are on ceasefire.

If you already read or watch any romances and school genres of anime/manga. you will like this because it is takes a new atmosphere for this genre where the situations in the story could ...
Apr 15, 2024
Preliminary (186/? chp)
Okay, let's get this Murim Login review started! I'm a cultivation manhwa connoisseur, and this one... it's got something special. Imagine Solo Leveling, but if it actually made sense and didn't treat its side characters like cardboard cutouts.

So, Murim Login. Hunter world? Check. Murim world? Double check! It's like mixing Red Bull with your ginseng tea – that extra kick, you know? And our boy Jin, our MC, he's not your typical goody-two-shoes. He's got flaws, he's messy, and I can appreciate that. Shows he might actually grow a personality later, which ain't true for half the MCs out there. Murim Login is basically ...
Apr 14, 2024
It's full of tropes of manga and romance in general like everything that Go Ikeyamada writes. It's very fun to read and this manga is my favorite of all the manga that Go Ikeyamada writes, it's better written throughout. It may sound or look like boring/cliched stuff and nerd stuff like everything that the author usually does. There's lots of romance in it to enjoy, and sad moments too... I kind of feel relatable to Azusa's character a bit, I found the story very enjoyable to the point where I was laughing and getting the great heart-throbbing feeling I love getting from shoujo manga and ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (136/? chp)
I write this review as per chapter 136 published by official translator. This is light spoiler review, because it neccesary to tell bad thing and good thing.

Talk about the story, the story itself is full of betrayal, conflict, sadness, depression and so many other thing involve around it. There is good time when they are talking to each other, laugh etc but it takes so much panel which i think its kinda filler. Story start with conflict and plot running around that conflict which loom into conflict and again and again and again. The good thing from story is the ambition to want something even ...
Apr 14, 2024
The manga featured erotica and an amazing plot idea. It had pretty art, but nothing noteworthy overall. Though it is just my opinion, I believe it would be much better if it were longer. It featured a strong female lead who wasn't particularly a femdom—rather, she was just a bold woman. In my plot analysis, there is a very tiny spoiler, but nothing significant that would ruin your experience.

Plot: This is a story about an undercover police officer who works in a male-only service facility and develops feelings for one of the few female clients. This storyline intrigues me because it raises some questions about ...
Apr 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings



Apr 14, 2024



Apr 14, 2024
if your rating of this manga is below 9, your just a hater. should you read this yes. will you enjoy this yes. is the romance in this manga great,Fuck yeah. is the MC is good he's decent and has good quality(actually he grows alot and becomes a awesome mc) are the characteres unique YEAH dumbass. are there jokes that has a depiction of certain salute that is banned in germany? Yes. is there gundam referemce??? yeah. OVERALL ITS GREAT and AMAZING if you rate this manga below 9 then your stupid if you rated it higher than 8 then you no jizz of the ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (66/? chp)
I watched the first aired episode of the anime, it was really good and felt fresh. The type of job the main character had was quite interesting to learn about, it felt like a breath of fresh air for the genre. My review is based on 66 manga chapters.

Too bad the story is just reskinned My Hero Academia with hints of other classics of the genre. The similarities are not about the monsters themselves, but the character progression and the characters themselves. Both guys who end up using ice based abilities have the same personality and visuals, for example.

It gets to a point of ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (50/? chp)
What a wonderful surprise! Terra Formars is a superb Serie B science fiction manga. Imagine if John Carpenter had been born in Japan, he would have made this gem. This manga is a totally deserved success, even if I find its rating totally underestimated on this site.

It took me too long to try this manga but better late than never. Everything about this title works. From Volume 1, you get a big slap in the face. The themes are all there: action, horror, science fiction, tragedy, drama, gore, war and science.

The manga was on hiatus for years after volume 22, but resumed on 4 ...
Apr 14, 2024
Unlike most narratives with sympathetic villains, Kami no Kodomo doesn't try to justify the protagonist's actions. His descent into violence feels inevitable, fueled by a cocktail of childhood abuse, a twisted sense of entitlement, and a chilling apathy towards human life. The narrative is devoid of flowery justifications – the protagonist lays bare his motivations and depravity in a chillingly detached tone.

This lack of emotional manipulation is what makes Kami no Kodomo so unsettling. We're forced to confront the raw ugliness within the protagonist without the comfort of assigning blame or seeking redemption. It's a story that lingers long after the final panel, a ...
Apr 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Another one bites the dust - one of the most devastating SJ axes this reviewer has ever personally experienced.

Two on Ice is an ice skating manga, and the artist's style perfectly captures the dazzling motion of pair skating which isn't easy to do with static images. The art style takes pretty major influence from shoujo, specifically during the skating sequences and it's exactly the right choice.

The big problem I have with this one, as mentioned above, is that the axe swung too early for some of the most exciting things this manga had to offer. The primary antagonist has a rich, complex backstory and a ...
Berserk (Manga) (All reviews)
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (375/? chp)
Well, here I am. After looking at this majestic beast from afar for years, I have finally conquered the summit of all manga and read Berserk from beginning to end (so far). I'm gonna do my best with all my own writing prowess to convey my feelings, but I feel like whatever I say will be insufficient. Berserk is an experience to be had and what it truly entails cannot be conveyed with mere words. To put it bluntly though - is Berserk the greatest manga ever made? Yes, without question. It's a literary work that transcends the medium of manga. It's something more. Even ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (11/? chp)
I've read 11 chapters of this isekai manga and honestly think that the way the MC just got transported into an NTR manga is hilarious on its own, that alone makes it a 6 at most. Not much to say about this on-going isekai manga series. I can only rate "Isekai" tagged manga who rode the Isekai wave to a maximum score of 6 with the purpose of giving better ratings to manga that actually have originality in its settings and plot scheme.

Rating this manga as "6" is actually really high for an isekai manga, here are three simple reasons why I like this ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (1/? chp)
great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series great series, if you take any reviw on this site seriously you are a loser, just read it and see for yourself rather than go for peoples reviews, a lot of people are very negative mentally and just shit on a series rather than actually review it so many 1/10s because of very minor things, this website is a ...
Apr 14, 2024
Copernicus no Kokyuu, by Asumiko Nakamura, isn't your typical manga. It's a descent into a world both captivating and unsettling, a haunting circus where the tightrope walk between beauty and despair is constantly crossed.

The story centers around "Bird's Nest," a trapeze artist whose fall from grace (quite literally) is etched in tragedy. We enter his world through a haze of grief and fractured memories, the ghost of his younger brother a constant, tormenting presence. Nakamura paints a vivid picture of his descent – the forced clowning, a hollow shell of his former self, and a simmering rage barely contained beneath the greasepaint.

But this isn't just ...
Apr 14, 2024
Great Shoujo. Filled to the brim with cringe and overdone tropes and cliché but it works pretty well. Nothing is overbearingly annoying to a degree that actually hurts the reading experience. I have only one but quite huge nitpick and that was Hachi from chapter 25 onwards, more on that below. But there are 5 other great things to talk about for that one thing.

Making this one quick. All characters are enjoyable. The annoying other guy, everyone's friends and even randoms/tools that are one and done. You never have too feel too strong about a character and that is a refreshing approach (apart from Hachi ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (29/? chp)
Look, we've all seen the memes, we were all there for it. People joked about it left and right, Aleks Le voiced an edit, so on and so forth. I'm here to set things straight, as people are still primarily joking about the manga, and I wanna shed some real light on it. This manga is fun, really fun. It's still very early, as chapter 29 came out the day I'm writing this, but so far the story has been really enjoyable.

The action is incredibly on point, and the paneling helps to elevate it though how snappy and creative it is in the ways it ...
Apr 14, 2024
Coming from the Anime, I expected a lot from the manga. The few episodes that the anime had introcued many interesting characters, and made me want to know more about them. Unfortuntaly, none of my expectations have been met. I've read a few Shoujo, and I can say that the issues with this manga don't stem from the genre in general.
TLDR; if you're looking for a nice Romance to read, read something else. The only person I see this manga being good for is someone who just wants to read something with light drama and fanservice, if you care about storytelling and characters, this isn't ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (28/? chp)
If my review is marked as preliminary, I wrote it after reading the final chapter but MAL hadn't recognized the series as complete yet.

Two on Ice is one of those titles that comes along that really should never have been in Shounen Jump in the first place and that's part of why it did not survive. There was a lot to like about the manga. The characters were likable, easy to root for, and kind of weird. Choosing pairs figure skating as the sport also kept the story fresh since it's not a sport overdone by the previous Jump titles. It was also fun ...
Apr 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (85/? chp)
This manga doesn't know the concept of police. It's just about thugs and their areas and different characters and their back story, I mean it's not bad but logically it's not good either maybe I'm not a fan of this concept of gangs and all I didn't even liked Tokyo revengers. Till now they have not focused on backstory of MC but they will in future so I will give them a benefit of doubt for that part.

Art - It's good, no cap
Story - I would say it's alright
Characters - This has some interesting characters and well-defined ones.

Overall shut your brain and read it ...
Apr 14, 2024
WARNING!: a bit spoilery.
Really recommend. The main focus if the story is how the protagonist devotes his life solely for the purpose of climbing, of reaching places high above where he finds peace, peace from others, being someone who's characters on the introvert side. His life goal is reaching a place that was never touched by man, not because of fame or recognition, but beacuse it would be the pinnacle of peace. Although, even if this is the main tangent of the story, he still manages to accept others into his life and to some extent understand what it means to grow futher beyond the ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (162/? chp)
My review on one of the mangas that most conquered and marked me in my life.

I don't even know where to start... Chainsaw man is simply a pure masterpiece. I'm not even trying to praise anything, I very sincerely think that it's a major manga of our time and even if Chainsaw Man is not totally perfect, the fact remains that this story is absolutely extraordinary.

Part 1 of Chainsaw Man is simply stunning. I have ALMOST nothing to say about it. The characters, their stories, and certain conclusions are absolutely magnificent. I'm thinking especially of Makima, Aki, Power and Reze who are for me the ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (20/? chp)
Another veery generic manga with a compltely unoriginal idea. It's a fun enough read though.

Short main 2 characters are pretty likeable everyone else kinda sucks though bar the dad. but I mean it's focused on the main couple so it's mostly fine. They aren't great characters but their likeable and their relationship makes enough sense for me to believe it, and actually enjoy it. Doesn't mean it's super well written, but like it's good enough.

There's really only so much you can say for this type of manga honestly, it's a very generic premise and it's basically what you would expect. It's not bad, well written ...
Sanda (Manga) (All reviews)
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (56/? chp)
Aight so, this review is not only hella informal but kinda short, and that's because I read this all tonight and it just left me fucking baffled, in a great way though. Paru Itagaki, the goat honestly. My girliepop really made Beastars then made something that managed to top it's bizarreness. No but like really... This manga gives Aku no Hana or just any Inio Asano work vibes because of the characters being so young and struggling with sexuality. I connect with things like that because I'm also a teenager. Despite that though, this shit is just fucking weird??? Like okay, the premise made me ...
Apr 14, 2024
Preliminary (419/? chp)
At first a basic yet exciting shonen, which later builds into something amazing.

Story 8/10
Really beginner friendly and catered towards a younger audience, the story has its lows and highs. At it's best, it rivals some of the best series out there, but a lot of the time it's just mind fodder. The world building is great and the comedy is far more enjoyable than in the anime.

Characters 10/10
The characters are my personal favorite part of the series. A lot of the main cast aren't that amazing, but many of the side-characters are just top notch writing. And even the less excitable characters have their ...
Apr 13, 2024
I adore Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? (KumoDesu), though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I enjoy it so much. At the start, it was the inhuman protagonist struggling to survive that kept me going. Then you learn that there’s more to the world than meets the eye, and that the weird things that are happening are there for good reasons. Then the story shifts, and it’s the diverse cast of characters with interesting interpersonal relationships and conflicts that drove my engagement. In this way and others, there are multiple disparate arcs in KumoDesu that naturally lead into each other, and that might be the ...